Our Tasty Foods & Drinks

Take a sneak peek of our comprehensive menu designed to suit your requirements. and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged.

Welcome Drinks

A refreshing and fruity welcome drink is a great start to any occasion.

Steaming Appetizer

A bowl of hot warm soup is a perfect way to start a meal, neither too heavy but yet tasteful and satisfying.

Bitting / Moving Starter

Choose appetisers from western or traditional cuisines to be served before the main course.


Desi chinese dishes packed in with taste and crunch are sure to be a hit at the event.

Sweet Dish

Choose from the range of traditional Indian sweet dishes prepared with the goodness of milk and ghee fail to replace the western desserts.

Milk Item

Freshly prepared in-house milk items are a great addition to a fulfilling meal.

Barfi Item

Barfi made from quality ingredients is totally irresistible and favourite among everyone


Get your hands on our varied flavours including Mattho to seasonal Shreekhand.

Bengali Mithai

The high sugar levels are completely worth for a bite of these amazing sweet delicacies.

Kaju Items

The possibilities of sweet preparations made with cashew (kaju) are endless.

Hot Sweet

There is nothing more comforting than a dish of sugar loaded hot sweet which makes us go weak in the knees.


Choose from a range of dhokla, patra, kachoris and samosas to go with the main course meals.

Chatni / Achaar

Try some different offerings of chutney and pickles to accompany with your food.

Punjabi – Paneer Special

A lavish celebration is incomplete without some finger licking Punjabi Paneer delicacy.

Punjabi – Veg Special

Tasteful, rich and well prepared Punjabi vegetable curries are a massive hit.

Green Subji Mandika (Guj.)

Indulge in some of the most loved green seasonal vegetable preparations made with perfect masala so you can savour the taste.

Roti Ka Rang

Enjoy and an expansive range of rotis, parathas, naan and kulchas served hot.

Chokhano Chatko

Considered as a staple ingredient, the dishes prepared with rice ranging from simple khichdi to aromatic biryanis are satisfying and delicious.

Dal & Kadhi

Dal or Kadhi is mandatory item on the traditional Indian thali to serve along with rice.


Get your spice meter high with our authentic Kathiyawadi cuisine.

South Indian

The most loved south Indian cuisine for its simplicity & taste includes rice & lentils based preparations served with hot sambhar & coconut chutney.


Prepared with combining either a vegetable or fruit with curd, raitas are small treats which are not only appetizing but nutritional as well.


A delight for our health conscious customers, salads is a must in today’s menu.


The crunchy and crispy papads are the most fun and exciting part of a meal.


Taste the tangy chats have travelled across the globe from the streets of India.

Italian Food

Extremely popular Italian cuisine is packed with flavour and textures and of course heaps of cheese.


We proudly present our desserts and Indian sweets which are prepared fresh in-house.


There is no mocking these alcohol free yet fun and fizzy drinks.